Export SSL Certificate From One Gateway To Import To Another

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In some cases if you have networks with multiple USS Gateways installed, it may be more convenient to have it set up so each Gateway is using the same SSL certificate for SSL Intercept Mode (as opposed to installing a different certificate for each Gateway in use).

To perform this method, you must be on USS Gateway version 1.0.36 or later.

On your primary USS Gateway, navigate to the System tab and click on SSL Certificates.

Choose Export CA - this will download the CA in order for you to import onto another USS Gateway.

On your secondary USS Gateway, go to the same Systems tab and choose Import CA. Please choose the file you just exported from the primary USS Gateway

Now that you have copied over the certificate, you no longer have to deploy multiple certificates to all devices. Installing a certificate from either Gateway will now work for anyone going through either. You can repeat the above steps for as many USS Gateways as you like.

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