Installing the LiveStream Splunk app

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Download the latest version of the Censornet LiveStream app for splunk:


  1. Log in to Splunk Enterprise
  2. Click on the Manage Apps icon
  3. Click on the Install App from File button
  4. Select the censornet_livestream.spl that you downloaded
  5. Click Restart Now to continue. You will probably have to log in again after the restart.


The Censornet LiveStream app should now be visible from the dashboard and also the Apps sub menu.

Click on the app name to open the Setup page.

Click Continue to app setup page

Next, you must configure the Webhook option for each product that you want Censornet LiveStream to import logs from. The Webhook can be configured by following the instructions on the LogStreaming page.

For each product that you configure the Webhook for, click the Enable streaming checkbox and paste in the key.

When you are finished, click Save. You will be redirected to the Search dashboard.

You must now restart Splunk again.

The last step is to restart Splunk now that the App has been configured. To do this, click Settings then Server Controls and click Restart Now.
It can take up to 5 minutes for logs to be ingested into Splunk

You can periodically check the Search dashboard to confirm that log data is being ingested as expected.

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