Allow SAT Domains

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Before we enrol any of your users on a learning journey you must allow list the Censornet SAT domains on your Email Security solution or/and provider. IP and Domain information can be found below: 

Verify by IP address (Recommended)

All courses and simulations are sent from a static IP which is

You should allow list this on your email server/s to ensure all items included in your learning journey will be received successfully.

Verify by Sending Domain

It is also possible to email by sending domain. All of our domains are listed in the table below, and you will need to allow list all of these prior to your learning journey commencing to ensure successful receipt of emails


Messages Allowed

All - Our journey uses multiple training techniques for training and this includes altering the subject lines in the emails.

Subject 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): antibody test self registration'

Subject 'Deliveroo Credit Added'

All Linkedin simulations

Subject 'Uber Credit Added'

Subject ‘Microsoft Password Reset’

Subject ‘Just Eat Voucher’

HMRC Simulation

Subject ‘Delivery Update’

All Dropbox simulations

All Microsoft simulations

Subject ‘Password reset request’

All Amazon simulations

Google Sign In

Google simulations

Missed Delivery

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