Malware Scanning

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The Cloud Application Security product supports malware scanning when operating in API Mode. Malware Scanning can be used to detect malware threats using heuristics, emulation, and generic signatures to identify high-risk riles as they are transferred to cloud storage.

Malware Scanning requires access to file content. If Malware Scanning is enabled, the CASB product will download any newly uploaded or modified files, scan them, and highlight any threats in the Cloud Activity (API) report. Once scanning is completed, the file is deleted. The file is downloaded using the credentials of the administrator user specified during the API Integration process. This will appear as an event within the third-party cloud storage service.
If malware is detected, the file will not be automatically deleted.

To enable Malware Scanning, visit your USS Dashboard and click ProductsCloud Application SecurityMalware Scanning.

Ensure that the Malware Scanning: toggle is set to to reveal the available Malware Scanning options.


Maximum Image Size

The maximum size a file can be, in megabytes, for it to be scanned. Events containing files over this size will be logged but not scanned. The maximum possible size for this setting is 100 Mb.

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