App Catalog

The App Catalog is a database of Cloud Applications and their related Actions. You can use the App Catalog to understand the profile of a Cloud Application, to configure which Cloud App Actions should be available for your users, and to alter the risk level associated with them to suit your own requirements. The App Catalog is also used by the Web Security rules engine and reporting system for controlling and analysing applications.

The App Catalog is extensive, and is regularly updated and expanded to include new cloud apps, and new related actions. These updates will be made available to you automatically.

To access the App Catalog, visit your USS Dashboard and then click ProductsCloud Application SecurityApp Catalog.

The App Catalog tree is displayed on the left of the screen. You can expand any of the categories, to see the specific cloud apps within the category, by clicking the [ICON expand] button.

Alternatively, you can search the entire App Catalog by simply entering your search text into the search box and clicking the icon.

If an app you expect to find does not exist in the App Catalog, please contact your Service Provider and request classification by the App Catalog Team. This can normally be completed with 24-48 hours.

To see the details of a Cloud Application (including all individual monitorable Actions within it), select it in the tree. The detail panel for the app you selected will be displayed.

App Action and Customisation

Every Cloud Application in the Catalog has a number of Actions associated with it. An Action represents something that a user can do within a cloud application, for example "Uploading a file" or "Posting a Tweet". The number of Actions available for an app depends upon the complexity of the Cloud Application and its popularity.

The Actions list shows every action available within the Cloud Application, along with their specific settings.

Action Description

A short description for the Action. This will also be displayed in Filter Rules for applying control.

Baseline Risk

The risk attributed to the Action. Risk is determined based on the potential for the Action to cause a security issue, a data leak or reputational damage.

The baseline risk level for an Action is not directly editable, although it may be updated from time to time by the App Catalog Team. You can instead override any Action risk level with your own value.

Adjust Risk

If you believe that the baseline risk does not suit your organisation you can override it by setting a new value. This will update any related risk charts and reports.


Tracking determines whether the Cloud Application Product will collect data submitted to the app. This may include personal statements, message content and file meta data. Disable tracking to ensure that any content posted to Cloud Applications is not available in reports.


Uncheck this box to disable this Action entirely from reporting.

Apps from the App Catalog, including any custom risk levels you may have imposed, can be used in Filter Rules and also in Reports.

Using the App Catalog in Reporting

The App Catalog is available in the Cloud Activity (Inline) report, available in the Analytics section.

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