Use the Licenses section to quickly and easily see which Cloud USS products are licensed to you, and their current status.

For assistance with licensing, please contact your Service Provider.

To review your current licenses, visit your USS Dashboard and click Account SettingsLicenses.


The name of the Cloud USS product.


The maximum number of users covered by your license.

Billed Users

The number of users that are currently paid for.

Valid From

The start date of your license.

Expires On

The expiry date of your current license. Once a license has expired, that Cloud USS product will no longer be accessible from your dashboard. Please contact your Service Provider to re-license the product.

Licenses may also be perpetual, in which case the expiry date will not be shown.


Indicates Cloud USS products for which the current license is a trial license. Please contact your Service Provider to provision a full license for this product.

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