End of Life

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This article lists the products that are End of Life status.


End of Life Date


Linkscan v1

28th February 2020

Customers will be migrated automatically to version 2

USS Gateway 1.0.x

30th April 2019

Upgrade to v1.1 for security updates, new features, and integrated malware/image scanning reports

USS Agent for Windows 4.1.x

31st December 2018

Upgrade to 4.2.x or above

USS Agent for Mac OS X v1.0.x

31st December 2018

Contact the helpdesk for assistance upgrading to 4.2.x

AD Connect v1.x

1st June 2019

Upgrade to v2.26.x or above

Cloud MFA (SMSPASSCODE 2017 edition)

31st December 2019

Excludes existing customers. Contact the helpdesk for assistance migrating


1st June 2019

Use https://dashboard.clouduss.com

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