Understanding Data Guardians

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The Email Archive system has a powerful feature known as Data Guardians.

Data Guardian personnel watch over the usage and rights of access to the Email Archive. A Data Guardian may be, for example, the Company Secretary, Compliance Officer or Trade Union Representative. They are tasked with monitoring Privileged Users who are performing eDiscovery searches. They can also monitor admin users when they add or remove other administrators or privileged users to the system.

The Data Guardian can be the same as the administrator but is more often than not another role in the organisation and is identified simply by their email address.

When a Data Guardian is added or removed, the old and new Data Guardians are both informed of the change. There must be at least one Data Guardian before a Privileged user can be created. At least one Data Guardian must always exist within the Email Archive system.

For added security, after you have added your Data Guardians you may request your service provider to remove the option to manage Data Guardians from administrator users. This ensures an administrator cannot accidentally or intentionally remove a Data Guardian.

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