Changelog - MacOS Agent - 26 February 2024

  • [NEW] Bypass with Proxy Exception bypass type
  • [FIX] MIME Type scanner improvements
  • [FIX] Blocking falls back to SNI as a last resort - 3rd January 2023

  • [FIX] HTTP 400 Error when accessing web addresses on non-standard port numbers. - 22nd December 2022

  • [UPDATE] Endpoint DNS address required changes.
  • [UPDATE] Copyright Notice - 14th December 2022

  • [IMPORTANT] MacOS version 10.13 High Sierra (released 2017) and older are no longer supported and will not work with this version of USS Agent. Please upgrade MacOS or pause automatic updates to continue using USS Agent for MacOS 4.3.16.
  • [FIX] Installer no longer requires Rosetta on Apple Silicone devices.
  • [FIX] Problems loading some webpages when both MIME and AV scanning was enabled.

v4.3.16.6295 - 8th August 2022

  • [FIX] Improvements to help handle large amounts of open files and prevent crashing.
  • [FIX] Config file wasn’t changed automatically after reconfiguring via CLI ManualUpdater –R
  • [NEW] Universal application (Intel/ARM)
  • [NEW] Implement Bypass destination IP/CIDR for SSL Interception bypass type
  • [NEW] Apply TLS interception certificate from Agent Profile (for MDM style deployments)
  • [NEW] Automatically add TLS certificate to the keychain during non-interactive installation
  • [NEW] Include ManualUpdater tool in installation folder
  • [FIX] AV status is disabled in Configuration info after updating USS Agent
  • [FIX] Agent crashed during antivirus plugin initialization (edge case)
  • [FIX] SOCKS proxy can't be turned off after the Agent update
  • [FIX] Сonfig info is not automatically updated after 15 minutes
  • [FIX] Updated copyright notice

v4.3.7.5873 - 6th December 2021

  • [NEW] Support for VPN profiles
  • [FIX] Browsing can cause the agent icon to change to red
  • [FIX] Agent can recover if an external process deletes the configuration
  • [FIX] - The agent does not remove system proxy settings after rebooting and disabling the agent manually – note: if the previous version was installed and entered this state then it must be manually corrected once after upgrading in order for the behaviour to be corrected going forwards
  • [FIX] – The Certificate is not Trusted error. This is not compatible with Big Sur as the tightened OS security prevents it, unless the OS was upgraded from a previous version.
  • [FIX] – it is now possible to uninstall the agent if the config becomes corrupted by an external process
  • [FIX] – issue with bypassing sites in HTTP proxy mode which resulted in endless loading time
  • [NEW] AgentInfo tool now reports the agent status (running, stopped, etc)

v4.3.3.5578 - June 2021

  • [NEW] HTTP Proxy mode feature – the agent can present as a SOCKS proxy, HTTP proxy, or “Auto-Detect”. In the latter mode, it will accept either connection type but the administrator will be responsible for enforcing the proxy settings.
  • [FIX] Issue with F-Secure updates is resolved now that you can configure the agent with HTTP proxy mode
  • [FIX] Random crash after auto-update on Mac OS X 11
  • [FIX] White font for “Collect debug data” option in Light OS  theme
  • [FIX] Agent sometimes doesn’t respond after a reboot on Mac OS X 11
  • [FIX] Agent files are not removed properly from Mac OS X 11 file system
  • [FIX] Additional compatibility updates for Big Sur
  • [FIX] Deadlock issue that may have prevented SOCKS proxy from working even if enabled, after agent stop/start
  • [FIX] Deadlock issue that may have prevented SOCKS proxy from being applied when switching between Ethernet and WiFi
  • [FIX] Connection Close header prevents block page from being displayed on Safari
  • [FIX] SOCKS proxy is not set on new install on Mac OS X 11

v4.3.1.5291 - 3rd November 2020

  • [NEW] Anti-malware scanning of downloaded files
  • [FIX] Filtering is bypassed when a VPN connection is established
  • [FIX] Detected username does not match current AD domain

v4.2.10.5119 - 22th June 2020

  • [NEW] Network Detection can now scan network adaptors for IP to trigger Disabled status
  • [NEW] Agent can be started without entering a password after successful manual shut down
  • [NEW] Agent status is displayed in Deployment section on start/stop/uninstall/reconfigure action
  • [FIX] Hostname is limited to 128 characters
  • [FIX] Agent tray icon displays two red hexagons after some time
  • [FIX] Automatically add F-secure update URLs to bypass on installation or service restart

v4.2.7.4760 - 30th December 2019

  • [NEW] Menu option to "collect debug information" to improve troubleshooting
  • [NEW] Menu option to "enable extra logging" to improve troubleshooting
  • [FIX] Agent certificate is removed after deleting the agent software
  • [FIX] Ability to specify config profile using ManualUpdate tool

v4.2.5.4554 - 3rd October 2019

  • [NEW] Backwards compatibility with El Capitan

v4.2.4.4420 - 14th August 2019

  • [NEW] Added support for Network Adaptor detection
  • [FIX] Updated Network Detection icons
  • [FIX] FQDN sent instead of Netbios domain when "Capture hostname as username" feature in use

v4.2.3.4018 - 21st March 2019

  • [NEW] TLS 1.3 support
  • [NEW] Network Detection feature
  • [NEW] Additional "Stop Service" options
  • [NEW] Support for destination IP/CIDR bypass type
  • [NEW] Installer allows config profile selection during installation
  • [NEW] Block QUIC protocol feature
  • [NEW] Block insecure SSL/TLS ciphers
  • [NEW] Do not log IP/MAC feature

v1.0.0.3106 - 24th April 2018

  • [NEW] Maintenace update to capture additional HTTP methods

v1.0.0.3053 - 11th March 2018

  • [FIX] Password cannot be entered to stop/start the service after installation

 v1.0.0.2886 - 13th November 2018

  • [FIX] Implemented 206 responses

 v1.0.0.2254 - 25th January 2017

  • [FIX] Agent now reports the correct username if the Mac is joined to a domain but logged in as a local user account

v1.0.0.2199 - 8th December 2016

  • [FIX] Agent correctly sends destination IP address for country information in App Analyse report
  • [FIX] Notification on reconfigure

 v1.0.0.2110 - 3rd October 2016

  • [NEW] Support for Command Line parameters

 v1.0.0.1982 - 14th September 2016

  • [FIX] Implemented Bypass Domain for SSL Interception bypass type
  • [FIX] Fail over improvements
  • [FIX] USS Agent uses local hostname instead of computer name

 v1.0.0.1961 - 31st August 2016

  • [FIX] Cannot open any HTTPS sites when using OS X 10.12 beta4
  • [FIX] Agent crashes if configuration is not available after installation

 v1.0.0.1946 - 22nd August 2016

  • [NEW] Now supports custom domain on installation wizard
  • [FIX] Added PFS ciphers

 v1.0.0.1918 - 11th August 2016

  • [FIX] Browsers can't verify certificate on https sites correctly
  • [FIX] ocspd tool working is modified with installed USS Agent
  • [FIX] can't be loaded with USS Mac agent installed
  • [FIX] USS Agent crashes after trying to open any web sites (OS X 10.12 beta)


v1.0.0.1900 - 9th August 2016

  • Initial public beta version

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