The MFA powered by IntelliTrustproduct adds a cloud-enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system to the Unified Security Service to protect core network services from account compromise.

Cloud-based MFA simplifies implementation and accelerates time-to-value for organizations of all sizes. No complex infrastructure is required, and easy-to-install authentication clients are available for all major vendors. Cloud MFA provides a single interface to analyse and manage user authentication activity across multiple systems, services and applications regardless of whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely. The product supports different methods for the delivery of One-Time Passcode's (OTP) including SMS, email and mobile app (Android and iOS).

Authentication app

End users can download the dedicated Entrust ST App for secure end-to-end delivery of OTPs.

Key Features

Broad Authentication Client support - unlimited number of clients covering:

  • RADIUS (e.g.VPN access via Citrix or Cisco VPN)
  • AD FS (protects cloud applications such as Salesforce or Google Apps)
  • Windows Logon
  • IIS

Broad vendor support

  • Barracuda
  • Checkpoint
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • F5
  • Google
  • Juniper Networks
  • OpenVPN
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Salesforce
  • Teldat
  • VMware
  • Microsoft (coming soon)

One-Time Passcode Dispatch Policies with override for individual users

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Mobile App (Android, iOS)
  • Google Authenticator

OTP Transmission Costs - included in the license (subject to fair usage)

User Synchronization - Active Directory managed phone numbers and email addresses

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Detailed reports on all authentication activity
  • Charts
  • Report builder and scheduler

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