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Administrators are users that are created within the Unified Security Service system itself and are unrelated to any users belonging to an Active Directory connection. All USS accounts must have at least one administrator user.

By default, all newly created administrators are super users, with full access to the USS portal.

Creating new administrator users

Visit your USS Dashboard and click ProductsWeb SecuritySettingsAdministrators.

To add a new Administrator, click the button. Enter the name and email address of the new Administrator, and click .

New administrators will be sent an email verification link to activate their account.

Managing administrator users

The Administrators screen shows all the Administrators that have been added to your USS account.


Once a user has confirmed their email address, this will be indicated here.

Super User

Super users have unlimited access to the USS Dashboard.


A suspended user can perform no actions within the USS Dashboard.

MFA Enabled

Indicates whether this user has enabled MFA using the Multi-Factor Authentication product.

Click the icon to change this Administrator's password.

To permanently delete an Administrator, click the icon.

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