Count how many users are in an AD group

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The following article explains how to count how many users are members of a particular Active Directory group. This can be useful when synchronising specific users for MFA to ensure you have adequate licenses available.

  1. Log in to one of your Active Directory domain controllers
  2. Open the Powershell terminal as an administrator
  3. Use the following command: (Get-ADGroup <group> -Properties *).Member.Count where <group> is the name of an Active Directory security group.

Examples for a group called "MFA_Users" and a group containing a space, e.g. "Enforce MFA" (note the use of double quotes)

(Get-ADGroup MFA_Users -Properties *).Member.Count

(Get-ADGroup "Enforce MFA" -Properties *).Member.Count
  1. Ensure that you have sufficient MFA licenses to cover the number returned in the command output

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