Bulk email terms and conditions

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Clients that make use of E-mail Security for sending outbound email must respect the terms and conditions below, pertaining to bulk email. If you wish to send bulk email, customers and end-users creating the mail shot must comply with the following terms.

Bulk e-mail must be small in size:

  • Less than 150KB for less than 100 recipients.
  • Less than 30K for less than 1000 recipients.
  • Less than 20K for larger than 1000 recipients.
  • Email attachments should be posted to a web server, and a link included.
The system can handle up to 300 recipients outbound. If your recipient list is larger than 300 email address you need to split the email.

Delivery and Service Level

Delivery and Service Level agreements do not apply to bulk email. In the event of busy periods we reserve the right to delay the delivery of bulk email as well as reroute it to alternative data centers. Support is not provided for undelivered emails.

Approval - prior to sending

Large campaigns of over 200 recipients must submitted with a sample email to bulk@censornet.com at least 24 hours in advance. Smaller campaigns should BCC bulk@censornet.com. Failure to do this may result in email being stopped.

Additional charges

Additional Charges may occur for campaigns over 5000 recipients, or multiple campaigns under 5000 recipients within the same week.


Content of Bulk emails should comply with all local spam laws, as well as the UK CANSPAM Act.


In the event that your Service Provider receives a complaint of abuse, the customer must ensure the recipient is removed from the list. In some cases - specifically AOL recipients - the recipient address is redacted from the email. It is recommended that customers find a suitable way to identify the recipient. If we receive multiple abuse complaints we reserve the right to block future campaigns. If we receive multiple complaints from a single vendor, we are obliged to stop delivery of all email from the customers domain to that vender. (e.g. AOL).

The abuse@yourdomain.tld address must be a valid email address, and must be actively monitored. We have additional optional services for abuse and postmaster services at an additional monthly fee - contact your Service Provider for more details.

Content and Relevance

Your email must be relevant to the customer business and not contain illicit, illegal or any other immoral content. We reserve the right to make judgement on the content of the email for the purposes of approval.

Additional Services

Additional services, such as reporting, unsubscribe and tracking links, are available at as an additional feature. Contact your Service Provider for more information.

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