Compliant Email Archive - LDAP Configuration

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To perform this configuration you will need to log in to the Compliant Email Archive product as an administrator user.

Ensure LDAP/S is working on your Active Directory environment before attempting this setup and that your LDAP server is publicly accessible. Please contact your Service Provider for the public IP addresses used by the Compliant Email Archive product

Compliant Email Archive Steps

  1. Login into your archive tenant
  2. Select Basic Configuration -> LDAP Servers and then select Create Connection
  • Under the LDAP Server: section enter: <your LDAP server's public hostname>
  • Under the LDAP Port: section enter the port your LDAP server is listening on i.e. 389 for unsecured or 636 for Secure LDAP
  • Under the LDAP Connection Type: section select the required option then select Fetch Base DN. This will connect to your LDAP server and populate the LDAP base DN section and the LDAP user DN section.
  • Under the LDAP directory user: section enter the username of an account that has read privileges on your LDAP environment.
  • Under the LDAP directory password: enter the password for the account used above.
  1. Click Save Details
  1. Use the Test Connection option to ensure that connectivity between the Compliant Email Archive environment and LDAP server is working. You should see this message.
  1. Use the Test Address Lookup and Test Login options to confirm that CEA can read from your LDAP server
  2. Your LDAP configuration is now set up

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