How to onboard users into the End User Portal

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The End User Portal is a minimal version of the Email Security administrator dashboard that allows end users to manage their own email quarantine, safe and deny lists, and any other relevant services such as SecureMail. This self-service area is designed to improve the user experience and reduce IT helpdesk time.

An end-user is a very restricted administrator user with the End User Role applied.

To onboard a user into the End User Portal:

  1. Ensure that the users email address is added to the Email Security and then Mailboxes section, either manually or via Active Directory synchronisation. See the Mailboxes section for more information.
  2. Navigate to Products and then Administrators. Click the + icon to add a new user manually or use the Import button to import from CSV file. See the Administrators section for more information.
  1. Ensure that the new administrator's email address matches the email address from the Mailboxes section in point 1.
  2. Ensure that the new administrator is assigned the End User Portal role.
  3. Click the Update button if adding manually.
  4. The end user will receive an email invitation to verify their email address.
  1. Click the Activate Login button.
  2. The end user will be prompted to enter a secure password:
  1. Click Activate.
  1. Click Continue. The end user will then be able to sign in and access the self-service options for their account.
  1. After logging in, navigate to the Products section.

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