Data retention periods

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The following table describes the standard Data Retention Period per product available in Unified Security Service.


Retention Period

Web Security

3 months

Gateway Anti-Malware

1 year

Image Analysis

1 year

Cloud Application Control

1 year

E-mail Security

3 months

Multi-Factor Authentication

1 year


1 month

What happens after the retention period ?

After the retention period the old data is automatically archived and made available to download from the Report Archives section in CSV format.

Log archives may be deleted after 12 months. Please download the archive files if you wish to keep the data for longer.

How much data does a Log Archive contain?

The default is a maximum of 1 month worth of log data per archive file. This can be changed by contacting your service provider.

Can the Retention Period be extended ?

Yes, please contact your service provider. Increasing the retention period will incur additional charges.

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