How to detect simplified Chinese character sets

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This document explains how to detect simplified Chinese character sets in email messages using the Email Security rules engine.

Other character sets can be used for detection. For more details on these character set codes see: (external link)
  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Navigate to Products -> Email Security -> Custom Rule Data
  3. Create a New -> Rule RegEx with a suitable name i.e. “Simplified Chinese character set
  4. In the value field enter:

  1. Click on Save
  2. Navigate to Email Security -> Message Rules
  3. Click on + to create a new rule
  4. Give the rule a suitable name e.g. “Simplified Chinese email detection
  5. Add the Direction condition and configure it for Inbound
  6. Add the Header Exists condition and configure it for Matches -> Simplified Chinese character set (the name of the Rule RegEx created in step 4 above)
  7. Add the Company Quarantine Final Action and configure to use Spam as the value
  8. Save the rule. The rule should look like this:
  1. Important! Move the rule to above the Deliver Inbound rule and wait several minutes for it to become active.

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