Viewing and Managing Spaces in CEA

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Creating a Space

How to Create a Space in CEA.

Spaces are a whole new feature, Spaces allow you to organize and store emails that you have found in your archive. Spaces are a particularly helpful tool for legal cases, compliance, storing emails, and sharing emails with others around your organization.

Think of spaces as a secure folder on your computer.
  1. To create a space, navigate to the "Spaces" page located on the main navigation at the top of the interface. Once on the spaces page, you will see a large button in the top right "Create Space".
  2. After you have clicked "Create Space" you will be presented with a dialog box that will ask you what you would like the space to be named as well as a description for your space. You will also notice that you can copy the permanent link to this space which you can use to quickly navigate to your space.
  3. Once you've filled in the details of your space and clicked "Create" you will now see the newly formed space on your page.
  4. Now that your Space has been created, you'll be able to search the archive and add entries into the space for safe keeping.
You can also use a space to request "Legal Holds" as well as "Authorised Delete"

Adding to a Space

Adding Entries to a Space

When you've found what you've been looking for, it's effortless to add them to a space for safekeeping. You can add individual or multiple emails at a time to multiple spaces.

Adding Emails to Space

To add a single email to a space, select the emails you would like to add from your results by clicking their checkboxes and adding them to your current selection. Once you have chosen your desired emails, in the sub-navigation bar underneath the main navigation bar you will see a button called "Save to Space" - go ahead and click this button.

On clicking the "Save Space" button you will have the options to either select one of your already created spaces or create a brand new space to store these emails. On clicking of a space, it will automatically save these emails to that chosen space.

If saving a large number of emails, it may take several seconds for them to appear in your space.

Sharing a Space

Share a space across your organisation.

Spaces make sharing results with co-workers and legal teams uncomplicated. Spaces are a real-time collaboration folder, meaning updates are instantaneous, so no more continuously sharing new links when cases progress.

To share one of your spaces, head into one of the spaces that you have actively been working on. Once you're in a space, in the top right-hand corner of the page, you should see a button called "Share", go ahead and click this button.

Once you have clicked the "Share Space" button, you should now be prompted with the share space dialog window. On this window, you can choose who to share this space with by entering their emails in the "Share with" field. When you have finished, click the "Share" button.

After you have shared a space the chosen email addresses will receive an email alerting them of the shared space.

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