Viewing and Managing History in CEA

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Browsing your Search History & Saved Searches in the Compliant Email Archive (CEA).

The history page of your archive keeps track of your search activity, allowing you to easily resume previous search sessions, especially useful for long and complex searches. Additionally, the "Saved Searches" tab of the history page allows you to save searches for later use, making it easy to quickly rerun them. To initiate a saved search, simply click on the desired search entry. Furthermore, users can also share their searches with members of their organization through the "Shared Searches" tab of the interface. These shared searches can be easily accessed by other users and can be stopped from being shared at any time.

Saved Searches

How to access your Saved Searches via the Saved Searches Tab

Your Saved Searches can be accessed under the History page of your archive - under the "Saved Searches" tab. Saved Searches allow you to replay certain searches as well as share these searches with your colleagues, giving them easy access to review.

To save a search, start by searching, then on the results of your search you will see a sub-navigation menu with the option to "Save Search".

Recent Search History

Accessing your search history via the Recent Search History tab

Browsing your archive search history with CEA is straight forward, head over to the "History" page by using the link in the top navigation bar. Once you're on the History page, you'll be able to see your Recent, Saved, and Shared Searches. Navigating to any of the search type tabs will show you the corresponding searches that you have performed. Clicking on any of the searches will replay that search automatically for you and allow you to edit the search in the search panel window. (Learn more about Search Panel Window)

Recent Searches

This tab showcases all of the recent searches you have performed on the archive with the properties (Keywords, Recipients, Attachments, Date Range, and Results) that were set when carrying out that specific search. You can click on any of the recent searches to replay this search.

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