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Welcome to the Legal section that summarises relevant Censornet standard legal agreements, documents and policies.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Our MSA includes General Terms related to the use of all of our platform services, service-specific modules, Data Processing Requirements, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and more.

This important document contains the core terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of our services, including billing and payment terms, termination rights, legal rights and obligations, and service level commitments.

A copy of the current MSA is available here.

Privacy Policy

Censornet respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Our privacy policy explains how we look after your personal data when you visit our website (regardless of where you visit it from), or use any of our services. It also explains your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

The Privacy Policy is available on the Censornet website at

Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)

The Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) in place with Censornet's Sub-Processors, with operations outside of the EEA, are accessible here. Non-EEA Sub-processors include Amazon, IBM and Microsoft.

In relation to any transfer of Personal Data to the Sub-Processors outside of the Protected Area, we will make such transfer by (i) relying on such Sub- Processor’s BCR-processor instrument (if any); (ii) entering into the appropriate set of SCCs on a processor to processor basis with any such Sub-Processors in relation to such transfer; or (iii) in the case of transfers to the United States, relying on such Sub- Processor’s participation in the EU-US Data Privacy Framework and/or the UK Extension to this Framework (if applicable).

For more information please refer to the Censornet Master Services agreement (MSA) - and specifically 'Module B - Data Processing Requirements' clause '4. Transfers outside the EEA'.

A copy of the latest MSA is available here.

A copy of both our Website Usage Terms and Conditions and our Cookie Policy are available on our website. Links can be found on this page.

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