CoreService filter classifications

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The below table summarises the Core Service classifications and where they are used within Message Rules.


Used in Message Rule


CoreService Bounce


Bounce messages (non-delivery notifications)

CoreService Clean


Classed as a Clean message. Not classified by any other classifications

CoreService Commercial - High reputation

High Reputation Marketing

Professional Commercial Email detected by signature: Typically, emailing campaigns issued from a professional and known routing platform (ESP) that follow the rules of use for email advertising, by providing unsubscribe links, list cleaning, etc.

CoreService Commercial – Medium Reputation

Medium Reputation Marketing

Miscellaneous Commercial Email detected by heuristics: Any advertising email that follows the rules of use of marketing email, which was not sent through a known routing platform. The heuristic rules that catch these are predictive and generic

CoreService Commercial – Low reputation

Low Reputation Marketing

Dirty Commercial Email detected by signature: Any other advertising campaign that does not comply with emailing rules by presenting poorly organized content, non-compliance with CAN-SPAM, no unsubscribe link, etc.

CoreService Community


Social Network alerts and notifications and Messages exchanged through forums

CoreService Malware

(Default) CoreService Malware

Malware detected by heuristic analysis

CoreService phishing

(Default) CoreService Phishing

Message detected as phishing either by heuristic analysis or through a fraudulent link found in it

CoreService Spam

(Default) CoreService2 Spam

Message detected as scam by heuristic Analysis and messages confirmed as spam

CoreService Suspect

Historically - (Default) CoreService Suspect

This is classification is made of three other listed classification. Core service Commercial – Low reputation, Core service Commercial – Medium Reputation and Core service Suspect Only

CoreService Suspect Only

CoreService Suspect

Message with a subject that may potentially cause damage to the company. For instance, emails with content referencing money transfer

CoreService Transactional


Transactional emails sent as a confirmation after buying on the Internet

Transactional emails sent to notify an account update or actions such as welcome emails, account validation email, and request for updates

Transactional emails related to travel arrangements and confirmation, car rental, train or flight tickets, hotel bookings

Transactional emails containing finance information, such as wire transfer confirmation, stock reports, bank statements, etc.

Transactional emails received after subscribing to alert services, such as housing alerts, Google alerts, Yahoo alerts, etc.


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