Password Strength Requirements

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This article describes the Password Strength requirements when setting administrator and end-user passwords for access to the USS dashboard.

This does not apply if you have Microsoft SSO configured. Passwords will be managed by Microsoft Entra as the chosen Identity Provider (IP).

Passwords for administrator users and those including the End User role (or any Custom Role) are subject to password strength checking. Password strength is determined by measuring its entropy. Entropy is a measure of randomness and unpredictability that indicates how difficult it is to guess a particular password. Recognisable character passwords have low entropy and require very little computing power to guess so these are not allowed. Character strings, especially sentences, that can only be guessed by trying every possible character combination have high entropy and will take much longer to guess. These are required when setting passwords.

Tips for selecting a strong password:

  • Create a password that is at least ten characters long. Longer passwords make it more difficult for an attacker to guess (human or computer)
  • Be unpredictable with your use of:
    • Capital letters (e.g. capiTAl instead of Capital)
    • Symbols and numbers (e.g. work^^sfor&&me instead of w0rks4me)
    • Word choices and sentence strings
  • Don't use common replacement of letters with symbols e.g. e@t or t34m
  • Don't use repeated or consecutive numbers or letters e.g. aaaa, qwerty, 12345, 888, 666
  • Don't use common passwords such as passw0rd, letmein or abc123
Always enable a second factor such as SMS or Time Based One Time Passcodes for increased security of your administrator account

Account Lock-Out

If you trigger multiple incorrect password attempts within a set period of time then your account will be locked temporarily. An increasing number of incorrect password attempts will increase the temporary lock time until it becomes permanent. If your account becomes locked, entering a valid username and password will trigger an email to be be sent to your username with a temporary unlock link (unless your username is not a valid email address, in which case you will need to contact your Service Provider). This will allow you to unlock your account.

This also applies to multiple incorrect OTP tokens when Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled.

For security reasons, we cannot provide specific information about the number of attempts or timings of the lockout process

Forgotten Password

You can trigger a Forgotten Password flow from the dashboard login page, unless your username is not a valid email address, in which case you will need to contact your Service Provider.

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