Applying a DLP policy in Email Security

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This requires the Advanced DLP - Email Security add-on license

Follow this article to apply a DLP Policy within your Email Security message rules.

  1. Navigate to Products -> Email Security -> Message Rules
  2. Open an existing rule, or create a new rule
  3. Drag the DLP Scanner condition in to the Selected Conditions column
  4. Click Configure to open the configuration panel
  5. Select at least one DLP Policy and choose a Severity Level to trigger on. Note that only DLP Policies with Policy Availability that includes "All" or "Email Security" will be shown
  6. Optionally set the Match Type based on if you want the DLP policy to be evaluated against the Body & Attachments, just the Body or just the Attachments
  7. Click Save
  8. Drag the Direction tile in to the Selected Conditions column and set the direction to Outbound
  9. Add any additional Action tiles or Final Action required, such as Quarantine. Your rule may look similar to the below:
  1. Drag the rule to the position in the list where you want it to be triggered

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