How To See Your Automated SAT Journey

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Below is a short guide on how to view your current active Security Awareness Training (SAT) journey to see which courses and simulations have been sent in the past and which are yet to come.

The default SAT journey assigned to SAT tenants is the Year 1 - Microsoft - Course First - 12 Months course. This can be changed if required by your service provider.
  1. Navigate to the USS dashboard
  2. Select Products then select SAT - Administration
  3. Click on Tenancy on the left-hand side
  4. On the top tab, click Users as shown below
  1. Scroll down to the list of tenancy users and click on a user within your tenancy by clicking the Cog Icon as shown below:
  1. Scroll down to see your Active Journey which is content you are due to receive, and Journey History which is content you have previously received.

Active Journey:

Cyber Security Fundamentals

05/01/2023 18:37

OneDrive Account Deletion - Block Page

16/01/2023 17:44

Social Engineering

09/02/2023 16:45

LinkedIn Verify - Block Page

22/02/2023 15:34


09/03/2023 12:52

Journey History:

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