Cloud USS E-mail Security provides comprehensive real-time email threat protection, through a simple redirection of MX records and outbound "Smart Host" configuration. Through multi-layered protection, utilising a combination of technologies, the Cloud USS platform offers complete control over mail flow, and protection against both traditional and emerging threats. E-mail Security provides cloud-based security for email: anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing and mail flow continuity. It's compatible with any SMTP email server, such as Microsoft Exchange, and many cloud-based email services such as Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Google Apps.

Key features

  • SaaS security service
  • Anti-spam detection
  • Anti-malware detection
  • Anti-phishing
  • Spear phishing detection
  • On-demand Link scanning
  • Powerful rules engine to control every aspect of mail flow
  • Content scanning
  • Deep attachment scanning
  • E-mail digest for end-user management of quarantine
  • Roles based access with auditing
  • Detailed e-mail transaction audit
  • Charts and Reporting for analysis
  • Optional e-mail backup
  • Optional e-mail continuity service (Emergency Inbox)
  • Optional SecureMail for delivering messages via a web portal to recipients
  • White labelling, provisioning and multi-tiered for partners/MSP's

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