The USS Gateway Dashboard Overview provides a snapshot of the current system status, resource usage and configuration profile applied to the USS Gateway.

It is best practice to perform regular system maintenance to keep the USS Gateway up to date.

System Status

The System Status panel monitors critical services on the USS Gateway. Service failures will be indicated in red and hovering over the item will reveal further diagnostic information.

The System Status panel is automatically updated every 30 seconds.

Server Status

The Server Status panel monitors the resources on the USS Gateway server.

Configuration Profile

The Configuration Profile panel displays the currently applied Gateway Agent Configuration Profile.

Active Sessions

The Active Sessions panel shows a list of devices currently connected to the Captive/Guest Portal, if this feature is enabled in the active Configuration Profile.

MAC address

The physical machine (MAC) address of the connected device.

IP address

The IP address of the connected device.

Login Timestamp

The time the device first started browsing via the Captive/Guest Portal.

Last Active

The last time the device was active.


Checked if the device connected to the Guest portal (no authentication is required).


The Active Directory username the device authenticated with or *anonymous* if using the Guest Portal.

A session can be cancelled by pressing the delete icon . This will force the device to disconnect and will have to re-connect again.

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