Deploying the Windows agent via a custom MSI

  1. Download this version of Orca.
The version of ORCA you use must be the one above.
  1. Download the latest version of USS Agent for Windows.
  2. Open up the ORCA tool.
  3. Load up the USS Agent .msi file within ORCA. You can do this by either dragging and dropping the file into it, or by choosing FileOpenSelect downloaded MSI.
  4. Click TransformNew Transform.
This step is extremely important.
  1. Under the Tables column on the left, go to Property.
  2. There are several configuration options but the following is required for a silent install as a minimum.

USS_USERNAME (this must be your username used to log into your USS portal ending with


Optional in version 4.1.x and above: USS_API_DOMAIN set to

You will need to right-click in the window and create these entries, as they are not created by default.
It is best practice to create a new administrator user for provisioning.

There are other configuration options available via this article.

  1. The entries should look something like the following with your assigned account details (highlighted by red box):
  1. Once you have added all the overrides you require, go to Transform and click Generate Transform.
  2. Place both the .msi and .mst files into a shared folder.
  3. To install, you can run the following command:

msiexec /i \\dc\Share\Setup64.msi TRANSFORMS=\\dc\deploy\Setup64.mst /qn

Replace \\dc\share with the servername and location of your share folder.
  1. For GPO deployment, follow the instructions in this article.

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