Deployment Overview

Unified Security Service is a multi-tenanted cloud (SaaS) solution that delivers a range of Internet security products from a single, unified, user interface. Deployment varies depending on the products that need to be installed, and some products are dependent on others.

Web Security

The Web Security product provides Internet Access Control and endpoint- and network-level protection against Web-based threats such as malware, Internet misuse and inappropriate content. Deployment involves the use of agents which act as enforcement points for the policy rules that have been configured. The following agents are available:

After initial installation of the agent, the agent is managed using Configuration Profiles.

Cloud Application Security

The Cloud Application Security product adds full discovery, visibility and control over cloud applications. Multiple deployment modes are offered; either by connecting directly to supported Cloud Application via API or by leveraging the Web Security product for inline control.

E-mail Security

The E-mail Security product provides cloud based anti-spam, anti-virus and e-mail continuity services. Deployment is simple and quick using an MX record change to the email domain.

Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication

The Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (Cloud MFA) product allows you to secure user logons to network resources by adding multi-factor authentication to on-premise services such as RDP, Citrix, RADIUS and cloud services via AD FS such as Salesforce and Office 365. Deployment requires installation of the Cloud MFA protection clients.

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