Advanced Email Sandbox - Overview

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The optional Advanced Email Sandbox protects against today’s evasive zero-day threats by providing a highly scalable and powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files.

Sandbox services add a powerful layer of protection to Email Security, alongside multiple tier-1 signature and behaviour-based antivirus (AV) engines. The Sandbox services analyse suspicious files in depth, detonate payloads in a contained virtual environment, analyse their behavior, and identify malicious intent.

Sandbox services act as a virtual ‘real target environment’ for potentially malicious files, where everything is carefully crafted so a potential threat acts as it would in the wild, providing powerful tools against email based targeted malware attacks and malware infiltration.

Sandbox technology provides advanced threat protection and zero-day exploit detection:

  • Leverages purpose-built, advanced machine learning algorithms, aggressive behavior analysis, anti-evasion techniques and memory snapshot comparison to detect threats.
  • Helps uncover malicious files including polymorphic and other threats designed for undetectable targeted attacks.
  • Fully integrated within Email Security for analysis of email file attachments with support for a broad range of file types

The Email Sandbox includes dynamic analysis to detect and defeat advanced malware.

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