Adding a Static Route on a Gateway

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Below is a short guide on how to add a static route to your Cloud Gateway.

This will require the Cloud Gateway to be rebooted.
  1. Access the Command Line of your Cloud Gateway.
  2. Access the Cloud Gateway root account by entering the command sudo su and enter the required password.
  3. Now enter the below command to open up the file that contains the static route configuration:
    nano /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml
  4. Then add the static routes you require as shown highlighted in the yellow text in the example below (the IP address may differ for your network), to exit press CTRL + X (then press Y to save):
  1. Now run the following command to apply the configuration: sudo netplan apply
  2. For the new routes to be applied you must restart the gateway, either through the gateway UI or by using the command reboot from the CLI. This will interrupt browsing briefly while the gateway restarts. 

To verify that the routes have been added correctly,  you can run either of the below commands from the CLI:

netstat -r ​


ip route show 

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