'The Requested Content Was Blocked' Error Message

Very occasionally when trying to access a website, you may encounter a browser error similar to the image below.

This error message means that the machine that is getting the error is on an IP range outside of those allowed through Squid. Please take the following steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Open up a Command Prompt on the machine in question and run ipconfig - take a note of the IP address and work out the range.
  2. Open up Putty and login to the USS Gateway server. First run sudo su to grant yourself root access and then run nano /usr/local/uss-squid4/etc/squid.conf and take a look at the lines starting with acl localnet src

If the range of the machine is outside of those listed above, you will then need to edit the squid.conf.pre-override file

  1. Run the command nano /usr/local/uss-squid4/etc/squid.conf.pre-override
  2. Add a line to allow the affected range, such as the following example: acl localnet src
  3. Save the squid.conf.pre-override file then run the command systemctl restart ussgw_sysmond

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