Upgrading to LinkScan version 2

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LinkScan version 2 has a number of improvemnets including:

  • Improved detection engine including enhanced threat intelligence, the ability to follow redirects and scan embedded links in cloud hosted documents
  • An improved user interface
  • Improved global infrastructure with increased failover and redundancy
  • Full integration with the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE)

To switch to the new version of LinkScan, navigate to the Email Security -> Message Rules section and edit the Link Scan rule.

Click the Configure option in the "LinkScan" tile and then select one of the non-legacy Modes of Operation from the rule configuration options:

Please note that the "v2." prefix on rewritten URLs will be removed once version 2 moves to general availability (March 2020).

For further information on all of the available Modes of Operation please see this Knowledge Base article.

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