Bypassing the Apple Store

By default, if you try to access the Apple Store on an iOS device going through Captive/Guest portal, you will be presented with a blank screen or a connection error. This is because the Apple store requires Bypass entries to be made in order for it to work through Captive Portal devices.

To get it working, you'll need to add a number of IP addresses as Bypass Categories for Web Security.

  1. Start by visiting your USS Dashboard. Click Products Web SecurityBypass.
  2. Click to create a new Category. Give it a sensible name like "Apple Store".
  3. For each of the IP addresses in the list below, click to add a new Pattern to the Category you just created. Set the Bypass Type to "Bypass Destination IP/CIDR completely", and set the Pattern to the IP address.
    You'll need to add each IP in this list as a separate Pattern. Make sure you add each of them under the same Category ("Apple Store").
Apple change their IP ranges very regularly. We will update this list as we discover new ranges - LAST UPDATED 06/03/2017
  1. For issues accessing on domain devices, please add the following Patterns to the Apple Store Category. For these Patterns, set the Bypass Type to "Bypass Destination Domain Completely).

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