Reporting spam or false positives

If you believe Email Security has generated a false positive report for an email message, or if you have received a spam message, you can report the email to the Email Security operations team.

The quickest and easiest way to report spam is by using the Outlook add-in. Click here for more information. The add-in is available for desktop and mobile versions of Outlook.

To generate a report, you will need to attach the spam email (in .msg or .eml format) to a new email. The precise way to do this will depend on your email client. In Microsoft Outlook, for example, there are several ways:

  • Drag and drop the email to your desktop from Outlook.
  • Double-click the message in Outlook, and select FileSave As

Once you've downloaded the message, please attach it to a new email and send it to Please add "Spam" or "False positive" to the subject line.

The address is a reporting method only, and will not generate a reply. If you require a reply, please also cc

It's important that you download the email and send it as an attachment, rather than simply forwarding it. Forwarding the email will not include the email headers, which are required for investigation.

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