Mac OS X Agent Log File Storage

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The USS Agent for Mac OS X will collect system and debug log files and store them locally on the device.

Note that if "Enable Extra Debugging" is enabled then the log files will grow in size quickly.

For Mac OS X, the agent uses the official Apple Logging and telemetry system.

The agent adds a com.censornet.UssAgent subsystem for all agent log output. The following categories are created:

  • Proxy
  • Plugin
  • StatusMenu
  • Installer
  • Uninstaller

Logs can be viewed using the Console app. For more information visit or the article on viewing and extracting debug logs.

Logs are saved at 19:00 (7 PM) every day. The files are located in the agent folder at /Library/Application Support/Censornet/UssAgent/logs and are kept for the last 10 days.

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