Global Deny List

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Email addresses or domains that are added to your Global Deny List will be automatically rejected for all Email Security users.

The exact behaviour of the Deny List will depend on your Message Rules and Connection Rules.

To see the entries currently in your Global Deny List, visit your USS Dashboard and click ProductsE-mail SecurityGlobal Deny List.

Email Security also features a Global Safe List.
Users can also maintain their own Personal Deny List.

Adding to the Global Deny List

To add an entry to the Global Deny List, click . Enter the email address, and click .

You can either add a full specific email address such as, add a domain such as, or add an IP address such as 123.456.789.0.
Domains that are attached to your Email Security account cannot be added to the Deny List in domain form. Instead, add the IP address(es).

Deleting entries in the Global Deny List

To delete an entry, select it in the Global Deny List window and click .

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